July 16, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Who should get credit for added revenue. In politics everything is relative. Whenever the economy is doing well, the party in power wants to take credit for it, even though the policies from the prior Administration may have started it on its way. When things go bad, its obviously the minority parties' fault for not passing bills that the majority wanted passed. If your the minority you blame the current Administration when thing go bad, and take credit when things are going well. The doublespeak form both parties is aggravating, unless you are a die hard for one of those parties, in which case your probably like a bobble head whose head is shaking up and down signifying your approval. The truth is a bit more complex than either party would lead onto. An awful lot of the economic forces that shape our world are beyond the control of either party. Take the current world economic situation and throw in just two events that really have shaped things, both beyond our government's direct control. One being the Covid pandemic and the million plus deaths, suffering, and economic carnage it brought about. The other being the Ukraine war. While the government is doing what it can to mitigate the damages, most of it is beyond its control. Who should get credit for added revenue.

The game by both political parties is played to a public, many of whom are not very educated about current events, and easily manipulated. And both parties play the same game, in essence vying for the bigger lie, to gain the largest audience. So maybe we should take with a grain of salt when either party makes claims about the economy, as more often than not, its outside the control of either party. Too many additional factors weigh in on the overall result, most of which are outside the control of our government.

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