June 1, 2022 - Douglas Myser

When and how to pay estimated taxes. Payments are divided into four payment periods. Yet, some taxpayers may find it easier to pay their estimated taxes weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Alternative payment periods are allowed if enough tax is paid by the end of each payment quarter. The easiest way to make your estimated payments is by using the electronic payment option that is available on the IRS Website at IRS.GOV. It is totally secure and the fastest way. Taxpayers can use the EFTPS for all their federal tax payments, including federal tax deposits, installment agreement payments and estimated tax payments. Also, by using the IRS EFTPS, taxpayers can access a history of their payments, so they know exactly how much and when the payments were made and posted. Individual taxpayers can create an IRS Online Account to make their estimated tax payments. Using their account, taxpayers can see their payment history, any pending payments and other useful tax information. When and how to pay estimated taxes.

Individual taxpayers can also make an estimated tax payment by using IRS Direct Pay. Individual and Business Taxpayers can also make an estimated tax payment by using, debit, credit card, or digital wallet. The 2022 Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax for individuals, can help taxpayers estimate their first quarterly tax payment. While electronic filing is strongly encouraged, taxpayers may also send estimated tax payments with form 1040-ES by mail. Corporations must deposit payments using EFTPS. Additional information on Corporate Tax Filing can be found in Publication 542, Corporations. Small business owners, self employed individuals and gig workers can find additional information at IRS.GOV The items available include forms, and publications.

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