August 23, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Weisselberg to flip after long delay. Donald Trump's Chief Executive Officer Allen Weisselberg has been delaying for as long as he could, his criminal trial, hoping that Trump would become President again, and grant him a pardon. But he has now run out of time, and has made a plea agreement in exchange for testimony about criminal matters related to the Trump Organization. He was the go to guy that Trump used to inflate the value of properties, to secure loans to build the Trump Empire. He obtained $1.7 million in compensation with no reporting of it to the IRS, and in fact used differing means to hide it from the IRS, implicating him and Trump in Tax Evasion. Instead of taking the fall for that, and implicating other family members, the Prosecution apparently was able to flip him to get valuable testimony against Trump. Given his position in the Trump group of companies, his testimony would put a nail in the coffin of those companies, and open Trump up to potential criminal charges as well. The civil charges would be enormous and the impact it would have on brand Trump would be devastating. Weisselberg to flip after long delay.

Before Allen Weisselberg was charged, Prosecutors put significant pressure on him to cooperate with the ongoing Trump investigation, and were trying to get him to flip and become a valuable witness for them. It took awhile, and it seems that when Weisselberg knew that the time line of Trump again becoming President would not happen before his trial, he finally caved in. He has insider information into the workings of Trump world, and whether Trump signed off on illegal matters.

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