July 9, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Truck drivers status hurts supply chain. The type of status you have and list on your tax return, will determine the type of tax return you fill out and the type of taxes you have to pay. If you make a mistake the IRS can come back on you. We had a partnership that dissolved, but the IRS went after the one partner they found, and stated that the last seven years of tax returns were disallowed, due to the wrong status being listed on the returns. We had to re-file all the returns and it was a difficult job as he didn't have every receipt for all his deductions at that point. In California and across the nation, legislators and Congress have been trying to re-classify some workers as employees, not as Independent Contractors. Truck drivers status hurts supply chain.

The outcry has been loud and horrendous, as angry Truckers have threatened to stop working unless they can continue to be Independent Contractors. The problem is, many of them are not. We have more Truckers and Independent Contractors as clients than any other group of workers. They are terrible at keeping track of receipts and paying taxes. The like to be able to have the flexibility of not paying and don't want Uncle Sam, or the State of California or any other State telling them what to do. They are a very independent group of people. Yet, they don't get to make the IRS rules, the IRS does. And many other industries, like the Cable Companies and Hospitality Industry did the same thing, they cried foul, then fell in line as well.

If you are an Independent Contractor and don't have receipts or unfiled tax returns, or a large tax debt, call us. We are a National Tax Resolution Company that is respected by Tax Resolution Companies. We specialize in 1099 tax debts. We can file all your returns, then determine your options in the IRS and State Tax Codes for Tax Relief, including the IRS Fresh Start Program and options not in that program. We make Tax Resolution a stress free process. If you have a IRS Wage Garnishment, we can alleviate those also. Call today for a Tax Resolution Services Consultation. 1-888-689-7861