June 21, 2022 - Douglas Myser

The supply chains and tax professionals. With Covid, the Ukraine war, and lockdowns in major industrialized nations, is it any wonder the supply chain has been disrupted. Almost every industry worldwide has been impacted. These quick changes have shown that the supply chain, a complex and technical area, isn't just for specialists. It's a subject that every finance leader should learn about as they prepare for years of extended disruptions. We may be headed for a prolonged period that hasn't happened since the last World War, when global supply chains took a major hit for nearly six years. The supply chains and tax professionals.

What started with the Covid pandemic has now gotten much worse with the war in Ukraine. When the pandemic hit, many supply disruptions started--such as the cargo ships piling up in ports and store shelves going empty--but has also impacted companies ability to balance the books and manage their tax liabilities, and it has created some new demands for the finance profession. It seems that tax professionals, and finance experts will have to learn a new skill set, determining and managing the supply chain and subsequent cash flow issues, that impact the businesses they service or specialize in. This will certainly also call for more specialists in the field of supply chain issues as it pertains to specific industries. Managing those supply chains is critical to the nations infrastructure surrounding the growth of companies balance sheets and profitability. It may also call for the need of additional software for specific needs.

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