June 26, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Supply chains and tax professionals. Now that the Covid pandemic is at a stage where most agree its not going anyway, many disruptions in the economy have happened and will continue to happen. One has to do with the supply chain. With so many companies involved in the supply chain, and its importance to the economy, it just makes sense to help it along in any way possible. That means different professions, including Tax Professionals, who have not necessarily been a part of that process, need to re-think what benefit to their clients having knowledge of the supply chain can bring to the table to their clientele involved int those issues. Supply chains and tax professionals.

An evaluation of how companies approach the supply chain needs to happen. Instead of a hyper efficient, minimalist chain, companies may increasingly rely on a more complex network of suppliers, using manufacturers in many areas, including domestic and near shore markets. Companies that relied on single sourced produce lines had to quickly find additional sources, hopefully from more diverse regions. An analysis of the political ties of nations and our own governments stance on many foreign countries politics, should also come into play, as those can be disruptive factors down the road.

It seems the idea of regional hubs is becoming a popular idea, with manufacturing and distribution centers in multiple regional markets. Materials and finished goods will be spread out "around the world" and many companies will become more interested in owning or coupling with their suppliers. A complete analysis of the new distribution channels that will be created has been made, and now a new distribution model will overtake the old order, hopefully with less disruptions, and potential for disruptions.

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