April 8, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Stimulus checks delivered in four waves. Nearly eleven months ago, the first COVID-19 stimulus checks were sent out. Since then, in addition to its responsibilities filing tax returns, dealing with tax refund fraud, the IRS has become a well oiled COVID-19 stimulus check distributor. IT was three weeks to distribute the first COVID-19 checks in two rounds of payments, and they say they are ready to get at it again. After two rounds of payments, you would think the IRS was prepared for this next distribution of COVID-19 tax stimulus checks, as they have the experience of the first round behind them. This time around, instead of two rounds of payments, the IRS is planning on sending the just passed $1.9 trillion tax stimulus bill's tax relief checks out in four installments. They will come in four waves of payments, broken down specifically into categories. Stimulus checks delivered in four waves.

The first wave is direct deposit recipients. With the first round of the COVID-19 checks, the earliest recipients were taxpayers who opted for direct deposits when they filed their 2019 tax return. That's because the Internal Revenue Service could easily move funds into those accounts using the information they already had available to them.  If you applies for direct deposit, you should be first in line to get a check. Wave number two are the paper check recipients. These checks should go out, with no glitches, approximately one week after the first set of checks goes out, which would be around March 22 to March 26. Millions should receive this set of checks, its the largest category of all four waves.

EIP card recipients will be the third wave of COVID-19 stimulus check payments. And last, but not least will be the Recovery Rebate recipients. That category includes those who moved and did not get a check, those who changed banks but did not notify the IRS of the change, those who are not required to file a Federal IRS tax return. These recipients may not get checks for several weeks, well into April.