June 13, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Solar panels Biden and tariffs. It seems the Biden Administration is in a tough spot when making the call between pursuing Climate Change and the bad behavior of the Chinese with human rights abuses and intellectual property theft. Right now the Chinese manufacture just enough of the solar panels that the United States cannot pursue a large solar panel part of the Climate Change agenda. It also means the potential loss of 100,000 jobs unless he gives in to the demands of the Chinese. So what should he do ? The root of the problem has been the economic theory espoused for years by economists around the world, including here in the United States. That economic theory has stated that whoever can produce an item at lowest cost should be the one to do it, wherever in the world that is. The problem with that theory is that the economist wo made it probably didn't foresee a country that would use slave labor to make times and then turn around with a campaign of intellectual theft that was as widespread in the United States as what the Chinese and Russians have done. The root of the problem now is that we have to change our manufacturing base to understand these realities, and if that makes the items more expensive, offset that with the ability of our people to earn more to be able to pay for the items we produce. It can be done as the Germans have shown in the business model they use, producing items for export and rewarding their workers with higher wages and benefits than in the United States. If corporate executives cannot put the United States, where their business is located, first, then they should be replaced with executives who know the wisdom of such policies. Solar panels Biden and tariffs.

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