November 1, 2020 - Douglas Myser

Second relief check how much money. How much money could you get if you qualify for a second stimulus check ? We can begin to count it up given what we know so far, especially now that there's hope that another coronavirus relief bill with a new round of stimulus money could pass before the Nov. election. House Speaker Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are in the thick of further negotiations for bipartisan legislation that includes a check as well as other items like $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits. The first stimulus check was worth up to $1,200 per adult, but a second stimulus check may amount to more or less, especially if the qualifications for dependents are broadened or if your financial circumstances have changes since the first round in March. These new eligibility rules will shape the size of potential payments. Second relief check how much money.

If another stimulus bill passes, and you get an extra stimulus check, it's likely that $1200 will remain the maximum for individuals.  Register for direct deposit to make sure your payment gets to you on time. If you have moved, get your new address to the IRS, so they can process your check right away. Beware of scams: Stimulus check fraud is real, and it's still ongoing as millions of people continue to wait for their first checks. Fraudsters prey on people they consider vulnerable. Knowing common attacks can help you recognize and avoid them. There's no second stimulus check right now, but that won't stop a scammer from trying to take advantage. Don't put yourself in a position where you fall into debt from a scammer.

A recent survey showed how Americans are using their stimulus checks. According to research, 15% of recipients said they spent or would spend most of their checks. 33% said they mostly saved the money. 52% said they paid down debt. The report found that lower income households were significantly more likely to spend their stimulus check, high income households were more likely to save it. Second relief check how much money. 

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