May 30, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Republicans trying to rebrand. For years the Republican party has been viewed through the prism of the party of Wall Street and the wealthy. Championing tax cuts, defense spending, and cutting Social Safety net programs. Then cam Trump and his promise to help rebuild the working class. After giving 90% of the tax cuts in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to the wealthy, it seems the message didn't jibe with the reality of what transpired with the bills passed after Trump was elected and effectively controlled the Congress. Wall Street prospered and it looked for awhile like main street was doing ok, until a further analysis showed that things as they seemed. The reality of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is that the rebuilding of America on main street looked like a two income family, with one or even two spouses working two jobs, just to make ends meet. Struggling families were not getting ahead by any measure of progress. The number of uninsured was going up, as were the profits of Wall Street. Then came Covid and the whole illusion of a rebuilt America came crashing down to earth. The laissez faire attitude towards the economy that Trump espoused would not work with a once in a generation health crisis. Republicans trying to rebrand.

Now the Republican party is trying to rebrand its name, as they have splintered, some wanting to distance from Trump, and those still loyal to him. But it seems that both sides want to expand the base, as they know they have a problem with a shrinking fan base. To do that, they are going to try to convey the message that they are the party of the people and for the people. That government is evil and only private industry can increase the overall good of the masses. Republicans trying to rebrand.

These are the same people who, during the crash after Lehman brothers and the Great Recession, followed by the housing crisis, passed laws allowing corporate America to offshore to avoid higher tax bills. Then came the exodus of hundreds of thousands of American Jobs and the manufacturing loss that followed. Of course in their wisdom they then elected Trump who promised to undo all of that, change those same tax codes and revitalize the manufacturing base of America. That was his campaign promise, empty on substance. So the party that helped collapse America, then did a complete reversal under Trump, now wants to rebrand itself as the party for the people. History can be a great teacher, if we take the time to remember.

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