November 30, 2020 - Douglas Myser

Republicans rip into democratic stimulus. With the election mostly settled, and the CODI-19 pandemic increasing at an alarming rate, most economist have agreed that a new stimulus proposal is needed to boost the economy. In a matter of weeks, thousands of individuals will be thrown out onto the streets, due to the inability to pay rent, with no fallback of unemployment to get them through a very difficult time. Congress, caught between campaign slogans, and trying to get re-elected hasn't had the time or the inclination lately to even want to deal with it. With the election finally fading into history the Democratic party passed a $3.4 Trillion stimulus plan that Sen. Mitch McConnell called "unserious", saying the plan was "condemned by the Speaker's own moderate Democrats the instant she put it out", the Kentucky Republican tweeted. Republicans rip into democratic stimulus.

It's unclear how Republicans and Democrats would bridge significant divisions that remain as virus cases surge and some states and cities reimpose lockdown restrictions. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fiercely criticized the Democratic stimulus plan, a day after President elect Biden in his first major economic speech pressed Congress to pass it. "House Democrats" so-called HEROES Act, is so unserious that is was condemned by the Speaker's own moderate Democrats the instant she put it out." He continued, "Huge tax cuts for the rich people in blue states, but no second round of the Paycheck Protection Program ? Those are their priorities ?  McConnell was alluding to a provision in the measure to waive the $10,000 cap on the state and local tax deduction---better known as SALT--for two years. Experts have said that would largely benefit wealthier people.

Biden pressed Congress to approve the $3.4 Trillion stimulus plan, which includes a $1200 direct payment, $600 in federal unemployment benefits, and significant state aid, and more funding for virus testing and contact tracing. Republicans were not impressed at all. Republicans rip into Democratic stimulus.

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