October 7, 2018 - Douglas Myser

Registering for online self help tools. This has been made easier by the IRS. To better protect taxpayers, the IRS upgraded its identity verification process for certain online self help tools. The purpose is to prevent taxpayer impersonations and account takeovers by identity thieves. Because the Secure Access Authentication platform is more rigorous, it helps if you prepare to register in advance. Currently, the Secure Access authentication process applies to Get Transcript Online, Get an IP PIN, e services, and View your Tax Account. Registering for online self help tools.

Registering for online self help tools will be easier if you keep these things in mind. To start, get a readily available email address: have your Social Security number: make sure you have your filing status and address from your last filed tax return: have your personal account information from a credit card or a student loan or a home mortgage loan, or home equity line of credit or a car loan. Have a readily available mobile device, and for instant access you must be registered with a U.S. based mobile phone capable of receiving text messages.

If you have a credit freeze on your credit records through Experian, it must be temporarily lifted before you can successfully complete this process. The credit card cannot be American Express, a debit card, or a corporate card issued in your name by your company or organization. Because this process involves verification using financial records, there may be a "soft inquiry" placed on your credit report. This notice does not affect your credit score. The IRS does not retain your financial account information. You may also have a Tax Lien on your credit, in which case you would need Tax Resolution Services. You could then ask about the IRS Fresh Start Program, prior to the IRS starting any IRS Wage Garnishment. That is the type of Tax Relief you would want to ask about.

First time users of any Secure Access supported tool must, submit name and email address to receive a confirmation code: enter the emailed confirmation code: provide a Social Security number, date of birth, filing status and address on the last tax return: provide some financial account information for verification such as the last eight digits of their credit card number or car loan number or home mortgage number or home equity number or home line of credit. Enter a mobile phone number to receive a six digit activation code via a text message or request an activation code by mail. Enter the activation code. Then create a user name and password.