February 28, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Phishing scams target tax professionals. With the number of scams in the United States exploding, the IRS is warning tax professionals again, to be aware of scams that specifically target the tax professional community. It is one of the reasons the IRS commissioned the Security Summit, a partnership between Tax Professionals, Tax Software Distributors and Makers, State and Local Governments, and the IRS and Treasury Department. All designed to root out the fraud and expose those perpetrating it. The Security Summit Partners warned these new scams serve as a reminder that tax professionals remain prime targets for thieves, due to having confidential tax id and Social Security number information. These thieves try to steal client data and tax preparers identities in an attempt to file fraudulent tax returns for refunds. Phishing scams target tax professionals.

The latest phishing email uses the IRS logo and a variety of subject lines such as "Action Required": Your account has now been put on hold." The IRS has observed similar bogus emails that claim to be from a "tax preparation application provider". One such variation offers an "unusual activity report" and a solution link for the recipient to restore their account. "Scams continue to evolve, and this one is especially sinister since it threatens tax professionals accounts," said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. "Tax Professionals must remain vigilant in identifying and staying clear of these IRS impersonation emails. A little extra care can protect the tax professionals and their clients.".

Not just Tax Professionals who file tax returns, but others involved in working with individuals and business owners tax problems are also under fire from these scam artists. The Tax Resolution Services firms in America have been targeted also. The IRS is aware of the problem of the entire tax industry and that is why the Security Summit was started, to root out the perpetrators and bring them to justice for the crimes they are committing.