July 3, 2021 - Douglas Myser

IRS extends taxpayer advocacy deadline. With budget cuts rampant in the government over the last few decades, due to a increasing budget deficit, the IRS has seen its share of cutbacks in funding for over 20 years. The shortfalls have led to a massive hole in the agency, a crisis in the customer service area, and less audits, and eventually less revenue for the federal government. Well apparently enough is enough, as the Biden Administration has decided to pump $80 billion into the IRS in an effort to raise more revenue to pay for the massive government intervention needed to spur the economy, and lead us out of the biggest health crisis in a generation. With that the IRS is always looking for input from outside sources, those who might think outside the box, to give the agency a different perspective on ideas they may not have thought of. The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel is one such area the IRS uses to foster those ideas. IRS extends taxpayer advocacy deadline.

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel is a federal advisory committee that listens to taxpayers, identifies major taxpayer concerns and makes recommendations for improving IRS service and customer satisfaction. Taxpayers are encouraged to take the opportunity to make a difference in how the IRS delivers products and services. A video is available with information about the TAP and how to contribute to this dynamic group of volunteers. The TAP reports annually to the Secretary of the Treasury, the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the National Taxpayer Advocate. The Office of the Taxpayer Advocate is an independent organization within the IRS that provides support for and oversight of the TAP.

The IRS would like to try to obtain members from every state, including the District of Columbia and Puerto RIco and one member representing international taxpayers. Each member is appointed to represent the interests of taxpayers in his or her geographic location as well as taxpayers overall.