December 22, 2022 - Douglas Myser


International tax cheats under fire. It is estimated that large corporations are costing the world economy over $250 billion yearly, not in tax avoidance, which is legal, but in outright schemes to avoid paying paying taxes altogether. These revelations came to light in both the Panama Papers and then the Pandora Papers, which showed that the world's sports athletes, celebrities, politicians, and the world's richest citizens, were using shelters, and locations to stuff money in and avoid paying tax to anyone. The fact that is was revealed during the Covid crisis, made the call for political action on these abuses more urgent, as governments were struggling to cope with increased demands for services from their citizens during the health crisis. International tax cheats under fire.

Loopholes and the infrastructure to exploit them, the makings of tax avoiders and the tax attorney's and corporate shell artist who enabled them, was always done in the dark, in back room's, hidden from the public, as the outrage it would entail, would cause its demise. With more organizations finding out about, and reporting the abuses, the spotlight has been shone on the illegalities of these schemes. About 11 years ago, the OECD and Group of 20, a group of the world's largest economies, launched a ambitious goal to counter Multi National tax avoidance, which was producing a situation where citizens were questioning the legitimacy of the tax system, as it seemed to be a crooked enterprise to them.


At the point where the legitimacy of the tax system was being called into question, the G-20 decided to act, as the system had to be shown to be fair, or more citizens worldwide would either revolt, or join the tax cheats and the potential for the system's collapse could occur. If you parked money offshore and need Tax Resolution Services we can help. If your situation is more dire and you want to go to Tax Court, call us for an appraisal of the strength of your case prior to committing thousands of dollars. We may be able to save you quite a bit. The IRS is adding 87,000 new personnel, starting in the fall of 2022. Don't wait. Call today. 1-888-689-7861