October 10, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Health Care and Inflation Reduction Act. In 2020, Democrats campaigned pledging to change the Health Care system and to jumpstart Green Energy, as climate change continued to wreck havoc among Americans. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, they made a move to fulfill those pledges. The bill will allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, and that will make health care more affordable for thousands of Americans. It falls a bit short of one of the Affordable Care Gap provisions, but it is the biggest change in health care in the United States in a decade. Of course the Republicans have stated that the taxes on the rich, those making over $400,000 a year, will hurt the economy but stifling job creation, which is an odd statement given the Federal Reserve is trying to quell inflation by doing just that, slowing the economy and the jobs it creates. Health Care and Inflation Reduction Act.

The other part of the bill, investing billions into Green Energy, and the new technologies and jobs they will create, is designed to prevent China from dominating the Green Energy technology field, and then having to rely on them for that technology in the future. Something that Europe is finding out about relying on Russia for gas and oil, after the attack on Ukraine. We don't want to ransom our future to China, and then find out in 20 years that they will hold us ransom to technology to run the parts we purchased from them. We need to be self sufficient in areas of National Security, and sadly, as Europe is finding out, energy is a part of National Security.

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