July 26, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Government distribution of benefits. Debate will always exist over the distribution of the beneifts of government. From tax perks, to outright grants, the politics of Government Corruption have become so pervasive in our society that the average American looks at it with disdain, as is doe snot impact the large majority of Americans, who see very little, as opposed to the Power Players greasing the pockets of the decision makers, who are raking in millions. Its to the point now that the people making the decisions see this in the news so often that they feel the no longer have to hide their actions from the public, its the new normal. Government distribution of benefits.

Three states take half of FEMA's new disaster fund. Hundreds of communities receive nothing. The residents of Chicago, with the City hoping for a $850,000 grant to build a stone barrier to build along the south shore, to butress the surging waters caused by global tides due to global warming, have been told they will receive nothing. Residents have been flooded and homes destroyed. Three of the wealthiest states--California, New Jersey, and Washington, have received more than half fo the money designated to FEMA for initiatives including flood mitigation, a tsunami shelter and the removal of dense undergrowth to prevent wildfires. Plenty of poorer communities will receive some funding, but hundreds will receive nothing at all.

Just the same as when President Trump was in office and the large majority of the tax cuts went to the 1%. The rest of Americans received very little. The politics of how this all breaks out determines who will receive and who will not. The unfortunate ones, left to pay bills and taxes, may be in need of Tax Resolution Services. The Internal Revenue Code and the tax breaks that come along when new Presidents are elected, impact the IRS beneifts, and the other benefits that are doled out by the government, and the only thing that matters is the philosophy of who is holding the power in the White House.