June 18, 2021 - Douglas Myser

GOP united against Biden. Republicans in Congress are united in opposing President BIden's $6 trillion budget and instead are suggesting that his Covid relief bill is stalling the economic recovery, by allowing people to stay home and not go to work. They suggested that months ago, prior to the development and distribution of the vaccine, suggesting that wearing masks was sufficient, even though they themselves changed the rules of governing so they could work from home for a spell. It seems that whichever way your turn, the goal posts get moved with these Republicans and they simply want to say your wrong, just to make some kind of argument, often times without much of a point. GOP united against biden.

When President Biden became the Commander in Chief, they were befuddled to learn that the Trump administration had virtually no plans for the distribution of the vaccine, once it was developed. They had also been told, as was the American public, that huge stockpiles of the vaccine existed, and it was going to be a short period of time until the virus was stamped out. Those words came out of ex-President Trump's mouth, during the lost campaign, and then the reality sank in when Biden took over. No large stockpiles and absolutely no game plan to distribute the vaccine.

Until the game plan was developed, done under President Biden, and the vaccine ready, the economy was going nowhere. To suggest that Americans, shell shocked from the economic disaster, along with the public health disaster of losing over half a million Americans, should immediately go out and get a job, without first surveying the landscape is a false illusion of the reality those on main street have gone thru. Once the vaccine became available, which happened across most of America by May and June, then the anxiety of Covid could slowly be lifted. To suggest that hiring should immediately take off like a bat out of hell is obsurd. These are new waters and for most, proceeding with caution is good advice.