October 5, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Gig companies trying to turn tax code. In what he has called the "Worker Flexibility and Choice Act", Rep. Cuellar, D-Tx. has labeled this bill, as so many bills are labeled, in an attempt to make it something it is not. The reality of this bill, is that it is trying to lower wages, even below the minimum wage, to make Gig workers akin to slaves, and take the authority of determining "Status" away from the IRS, who have traditionally made those types of determinations as it relates to filing out a tax return accurately. I know of this issue, as two people I know have Gig jobs, driving, one for food delivery, the other giving rides to various locations on the East Coast. Both have admitted to me that after you take into consideration the wear and tear on the vehicle they own, they are making less than minimum wage. Gig companies trying to turn tax code.

Most of these workers are given direction on what to do, an app to execute the direction, and drive instructions, that would classify them as an employee, not an independent contractor. But if you call a bill the "Worker Flexibility and Choice Act" you change the perception of what it is really about. Most of the people working these jobs, due so due to not having any other opportunities or having lost jobs that were outsourced overseas. So its really not a "Choice" to be working for such a low wage. Then to have to mainly work in the evening, when everyone else is home with family, well most of these workers would tell you they would prefer a 9 to 5 job. But it serves corporations and Congress well, so the donations to get re-elected keep rolling in. Gig companies try to turn tax code.

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