June 9, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Democrats have competing issues. With the Presidential election in the rearview mirror, and the tax filing deadline now passed, the Democratic Party has found itself in a pickle as to whether to go it alone, or try to reach agreement with Republicans on multiple legislative issues confronting the nation. President Biden has stated, while running for office, that he wanted to end the political gridlock that had gripped the nation for some time. Yet, when Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, stated publicly that his agenda was stopping the President's agenda, many Congressional Democrats thought back to when President Obama was in office, and a group of Republicans held a meeting shortly after he was elected. The message was the same, our goal is to block any legislative efforts, impede, then use the results of a do nothing Presidency to win back power. Democrats have competing issues.

Biden was the Vice-President at that time, and remembers all too well what happened. Although he made the promise to try to compromise, he's also a realist, and many in his party are reminding him of the efforts that happened under the Obama Presidency. Yet with several Senators against changing the rules to the filibuster, compromise or reconciliation seems the likely alternatives left to the administration. And so the tug and pull of politics continues on Capital Hill. At this point it looks like the Infrastructure plan compromise proposal in near the $1 trillion mark over a ten year spending time frame. If it gets the bridges and roads fixed, that would be a good thing. Then if the Democrats want to address other issues, they can try other bills. The real question is whether they are going to try to add additional items into one package, or are willing to slice it up, to get the infrastructure done by itself. Only time will tell. But hopefully, in the end, a infrastructure proposal will get passed, so the economy can move forward and we can stop being one of the worst countries when it comes to our infrastructure.

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