December 11, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Court blocks trump tax returns. The Supreme Court has temporarily blocked Congress from getting Donald Trump's tax returns. The emergency order came as the committee investigating the President, stated they were relevant to multiple investigations they were conducting. The IRS had decided, after looking the matter over, to turn the returns over to the committee, based on the committee's arguments made to them. That means that the House Committee will have a certain amount of time to respond, and now that it looks like Republicans will control the House, that may never happen. It is up in the air at this point, and that is why Trump has used delay tactics for years to obstruct lawful legal proceedings, hoping his political allies would come to his rescue. Court blocks trump tax returns.


Since the ruling was already in effect and in process of the Court's, its also unclear if the Republicans in Congress can stop the legal process form moving forward. Since the Democrats have control of the Ways and Means Committee, it is unlikely the Republicans could block that Committee from doing its job in Congress. Trump had wanted to block the 2015 thru 2020 tax returns and is the only President in the history of the United States to obstruct giving the public the right to know his business dealings, to ensure the integrity of its President.


In New York, the Attorney General is moving ahead with proceedings against the Trump business empire, alleging a criminal conspiracy to commit tax fraud, inflate the values of assets when it benefitted his tax returns, and lower those assets when it benefitted it. If you have major tax problems like Trump, you may be in need of a Tax Resolution Companies services. He has also a problem in that his CEO is being charged with taking nearly $1.3 million in compensation under the table and not paying taxes on it. Whether that implicates Trump is yet to be seen. If you have unreported income you may be in severe need of our Tax Resolution Services or Tax Court Services.