August 16, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Case against Trump executive going on. Allen Weisselberg, Donald Trump's executive in charge of the Trump organization's day to day operations has tried to get out of a criminal lawsuit that has been going on for some time. Well, his time has run out. The Manhattan Judge overseeing the case declined to throw out the case, which was being urged by Weisselberg's attorney's, which means it will move forward. The Trump organization and Weisselberg were charged with a 15 year scheme where the executive was compensated with benefits that were hidden from view, to compensate him for his part in the scheme to inflate the value of assets, to obtain loans that they otherwise would not be entitled to. Case against Trump executive going on.

Weisselberg has made several motions to dismiss, arguing that the Prosecutions were politically motivated, and that he was charged due to his affiliation with President Trump. Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg argued that the case was simpler than that, that Weisselberg had received compensation for which he failed to pay any income taxes. After reviewing the briefs, Judge Juan Merchan agreed with the D.A, and stated that the case could go on. The judge dismissed one of the 15 counts, but let stand the other 14. The District Attorney's Office is hoping to turn the heat up on Weisselberg, and flip him, to get the dirt on Trump. If they do that, Donald Trump cold be criminally convicted of fraud. The indictment states that Weisselberg evaded paying taxes on a total of $1,700,000 in income. The District Attorney's office noted that such a large amount would normally be prosecuted by their office.

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