May 25, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Biden to pay for all proposals. President Joe Biden has stated that he intends to pay for all of his spending proposals by increasing the taxes on the wealthy and on Corporate America, which is exactly what he said when he ran for the Presidency. Even though the extent of his proposals seem a bit larger than most Americans thought, the ravages of Covid may make those investments in the middle class necessary. While the large majority of tax cuts have benefitted the wealthy going back several decades, the middle class has struggled and amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the ship started leaking badly. It became apparent in the summer of unrest, 2020, with public outcries over racial injustice, and then the riot at the Capital Building, that something had to give. Biden to pay for all proposals.

As Bob Dylan famously said in the song "The Times they are a changing", "Come Senators, Congressmen, please head the call. Don't stand in the hallway, don't block up the hall. For he who gets hurt, will be he who is stalled, outside the battle a ragin. Come soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, for the times they are a changin." Well many in the United States understood that these were no ordinary times. Not since Vietnam was the Nation so divided and demoralized. More people behind on taxes, needing tax resolution services. And although half the nation disagreed with the results of the election, the times demanded that the leader of our nation take bold action to secure our future, our children's future, and our Democracy. Biden to pay for all proposals.

Whether you like President Biden or not, you must admit, he has a vision, which was stated over and over again during the campaign. The central theme going forward for policies and initiatives would be, if it helps the middle class, the average Joe, we will o push that policy forward. Of course Republicans will disagree about the best way to achieve that, but in these situations only time will tell who is right. If investments in the middle class spur the nation forward, President Biden will be looked on favorably, by the majority of Americans, and by historians.

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