May 4, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Biden increased spending on domestic issues. President Biden outlined a vast expansion of federal spending, calling for a 16 percent increase in domestic programs as he tries to harness the government's power to reverse what officials called a decade of underinvestment in the nation's most pressing issues. The proposed $1.52 trillion in spending on discretionary programs would significantly bolster education, health research and fighting climate change. It comes on top of Mr. Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus package and a separate plan to spend $2.3 billion on the nation's infrastructure.  President Biden's first spending proposal to Congress showcases his belief that expanding, not shrinking the federal government is crucial to economic growth and prosperity. It would direct billions of dollars toward reducing equities in housing and education, as well as making sure every government agency puts climate change at the front of its agenda. Biden increased spending on domestic issues. It does not include tax proposals, economic projections or so-called mandatory programs like Social Security, which will all be included in a formal budget document the White House will release this spring. And it does not reflect the spending called for in President Biden's infrastructure plan or other efforts he has yet to roll out, which are aimed at workers and families. Biden increased spending on domestic issues.

As families across America are hurting, trying to find ways to pay bills, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Biden Administration is trying to fulfill its campaign promise to put America's working families first. That means getting them money, and jobs, so they can feed their families and pay the rent. Many of these families have fallen behind on rent, utility payments, car loans, and even tax payments. Some need Tax Resolution. Others need the government to step up and create well paying jobs that were lost in the Covid-19 pandemic. Until that time, they need a bridge to keep them afloat during one of the worst economic disasters to face America since the great depression.  The breadth and length of this disaster has been horrific, and we still need to dig our nation out of this economic mess.