December 30, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Back to school sales tax holiday. With the government trying to kickstart the economy into gear after the Covid pandemic's onslaught on the U.S. economy, the Biden Administration and many local government's are doing what they can to give tax break's to American's to put more money into their pockets to jumpstart the economy. With shcool's opening in a few weeks, and parents thinking about school supplies, 16 states are offering sales tax holidays, giving consumers a little break on the cost of back to school supplies. The average cost of the 2021 school year is $268, up from 9% last year and the average American family will spend $849 on school supllies. This does not count College Education Supplies. Back to school sales tax holiday.

In most states, retailers will automatically waive the sale tax at checkout, as long as the itens meet the qualifications. You may want to check with your local retailer to make sure the item you are thinking of buying is on the list of items that meet the tax break. Several ways exist to get a break on school supplies. Here are a few. The total cost of school supplies n 2021 will be $37.1 billion, for K-12 and another $71 billion for college students. Wholesale stores are a great way to save on the cost of school supplies, including Costco and most Dollar Stores. Those behind on taxes could use the funds for Tax Resolution Services. They will likely have better deals than an average retail store, unless a sale is going on. You can also buy expensive items second hand and save a bundle. Many book stores that sell books needed for curriculum, have used books as well as new books, but the used ones are quite a bit less, if you can deal with the notes from previous users.

Using shopping portals or cash back apps is another way to save big. Shopping portals give you the chance to earn additioanl rewards or cash back at hundreds of onlne retailers. To get the rewards, youhave to start in the portal and then click through to the retailer's website. You can check out the offering's thorugh the portal. A cashback app is available to get cash back on purchases you make by simply scanning your receipts from major retailers.