March 26, 2022 - Douglas Myser

AICPA testifies to congress on IRS service. "There's still time to salvage this year's tax filing season, or at least some of it if that makes a difference, if the IRS adopts recommended taxpayer Tax help measures", said Jan Lewis, CPA, the chair of the AICPA's Tax Executive Committee, told the U.S. Senate Committee Finance in a hearing. Lewis, who is also a tax partner with Haddox Reid Eubank Betts PLLC in Jackson, Mississippi, was joined by National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins, in the committee's hearing, titled "Spotlighting IRS Customer Service Challenges". Over the past few years, Lewis said in he testimony to the committee, tax practitioners in Tax Resolution have experienced difficulties in dealing with the IRS, mostly with the Service's sending erroneous notices to taxpayers, being slow to process returns and correspondence, and failing to answer 89 percent of the phone calls it receives. AICPA testifies to congress on IRS service.

The problems have been magnified during the Covid health pandemic, and the fact that many IRS workers have worked from home, and the fact that the IRS was shut down for nearly 7 months, causing a backlog of unprocessed tax returns that now stands at nearly 14 million unprocessed tax returns. Some people have received notices instructing them to file forms and returns that they had already filed or to allow more time to resolve an issue about which they did not receive any original notice.

We've had clients receive notices regarding payroll Form 941 stating that the IRS needs more time, but the client has no employees and does not even file payroll tax returns. The IRS has also received significant additional tasks from Congress, specifically administering the Covid Stimulus checks, and other work that has caused the overburdened agency to be overwhelmed at this point.

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