Biden wants IRS to drive his recovery. As the President moves his Covid recovery through the IRS, the nation’s tax collector will take on an expanded role as comptroller of the social safety net, delivering billions of dollars in stimulus payments to millions of American households. But the missions threatens to stretch the agency between its primary role as the country’s chief revenue collector and its relatively new presence as the distributor of coronavirus relief. IRS executive stated that they were up to the competing taks, and urged taxpayers to file thier returns and supporting documentation early and digitally. Ken Corbin, the IRS’s wage and investment division commissioner, said earleir rounds of stimulus payments provided a blueprint for the agency in the future. Biden wants IRS to drive his recovery.

“We believe that the reason we’re being looked at is how the IRS respnded during the pandemic to provide the economic impact payments,” Corbin said. “We certainly feel that if there’s a role play that our agency can play to help taxpayers and help citizens share this hard time, we will be positioned to do so. And we’ll take every appropriate action to make sure that we not only meet the law when it’s passed, but that we provide accurate and safe service to taxpayers.” Looks like the IRS is getting agressive again, and some taxpayers will need Tax Resolution Services.

Part of the IRS’s challenge in the coming months is developing the technological tools to administer Biden’s ambitious recovery plan. Like much else within the agency, its software is outdated. A frequent solution to new requirements, experts say, is to build systems on top of existing platforms, even if there are bugs in the software. For example, Nina Olson, the former national taxpayer advocate, IRS developers built its stimulus payment distribution system into the same system it uses for return filing, bogging down the processing of both. Due to the overloaded work at the IRS, Biden has proposed a much bigger budget, to hire thousands more IRS employees, and Revenue Agents, to increase the number of IRS audits, and increase the Criminal Division’s manpower.