Is President Biden increasing taxes or not. During the campaign trail, then candidate Biden promised a multitude of benefit s for the middle class, due to what he saw as a nation that was slipping into a two tiered system of the have’s and have not’s. He promised not to tax anyone with an income less than $400,000 a year. Now a chorus of voices are raising concerns that the middle class will in fact incur additional taxes passed on from corporate america to the middle class. The need for aTax Resolution Company may be needed by some of these individuals. They say that its inevitable. And while its true that tax experts agree that corporations do not pay taxes. People pay taxes. Biden has proposed more than $4 trillion in new taxes on U.S. businesses. Under his budget, corporate taxes will more than triple over the next 10 years. But corporations will not, ultimately, be paying these new taxes. Working people, consumers, savers, and investors will be paying the new taxes for years to come. Is President Biden increasing taxes or not.

Yet the facts are, those in the upper income levels will shoulder the majority increase of the new taxes, not the middle class, or the underserved in our society. And what is missing in the argument being made by those who try to say the middle class is being stuck with a large tax increase, is that the tax increase is not that large, that the majority is being given to the upper income individuals of our society. They also miss out on what candidate promised in return for the tax increase on the rich and Corporate America, benefits for the middle class. We are seeing that unfold before our very eyes. Not just the additional stimulus checks that already went out, but the $300 per child tax credit payments being made to families all across america, to lift millions of children out of the throes of poverty. Efforts to find the addresses of the homeless, to give them the stimulus checks they need to better improve their lives. tio

That is just the beginning. Waiting in the wings are proposals to help with student loan debt that is crippling the aspirations of graduates across America. Programs for the disabled, iencreases to the Veterans Administratioedns, long forgotten, which is a tragedy of our nation. These programs need funding thate. is long overdue.