Is a fourth stimulus check possible. Could a fourth stimulus check be forthcoming for the American people ? At this point in time its a bit unclear. If you listen to progressives in Congress you would hear a resounding yes. But if you were to listen to Conservatives the answer would be absolutely not. The majority of Congress seems to be playing a wait and see attitude, watching the economy for signs of which way the wind is going to blow. Even though inflation has started up a bit, its unclear if that is because of the pent up demand for just about every good and services that exist, due to the Covid health crisis. It’s also a bit unclear at this point in time whether the economy is going to continue its upward trajectory, given that a large number of individuals do not want to get vaccinated, and multiple variants are on the horizon, casting a potential cloud over the entire recovery. Maybe the wait and see crows has it right. Is a fourth stimulus check possible.

Americans do support a fourth stimulus check. The U.S. economy was rocked by the Coronavirus pandemic, and while stimulus checks have helped the economy recover, economists worry that some of the hardest hit cities may still feel the pain of the last year for the next decade. A poll performed in January found that 65 percent of Americans support the idea of $2,000 monthly direct payments until the pandemic is over–41 percent strongly support the idea, and 24 percent “somewhat support it”. The proposal also has widespread support among economic experts, with 156 top economists penning an open letter urging policymakers to make recurring direct payments until the economy recovers. While many Americans and top economists support recurring direct payments form the federal government, it remains unclear whether the Biden Administration and Congress will take action accordingly. With the economy starting to percolate, waiting a few months may be the wisest approach for now.