Can stimulus negotiations be saved. While continuing to meet ont he outlines of another economic stimulus bill, negotiators face continued turbulance in their atttempt to reach an agreement before the Nov. 3 election. The White House delivered a $1.8 trillion stimulus proposal to House Speaker and lead Democratic negotiator Nancy Pelosi. But no one was happy with the pitch. “Unfortunately, the Trump administration proposal does not neet the health needs of this crisis, ” Pelosi wrote. Criticism was so pointed among Senate Republicans, who resist a larger deal, that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows hinted how the opposition to the bill would anger President Trump when Meadows told him, “you will all have to come to my funeral,” The Washington Post reported Meadows as saying. Opposition on the Republican side t more relief is so hardned, the Republican led Senate failed to pass the GOP authored HEALS Act for $1 trillion. Yet both sides want to continue on with negotiations, and some, lke Senator Lindsey Graham, have shown outspoken support. Can stimulus negotiations be saved.

“I don’t think it is dead at all”, said White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow. “IF an agreement can be reached, then Senate Republicans will go along with it.” With the Nov. 3rd election just days away, Washington lawmakers have explored options that range from the comprehensive rescue package to standalone bills for a second stimulus check and airline aid. The final bill is expected to include direct payments of as much as $1200 per person and a change in eleigibility rules for dependents that could yield more money for families.

Why did Trump initially pause negotiations ? On Oct. 5th, Pelosi said negotiators would reach a deal on a comprehensive package, “One way or another”, despite sticking points. So why did Trump initially pull the plug a day later ? According to Trump on Oct. 6th, his belief thtat a deal on a stimulus package wouldn’t be reached in the short time left and desire to quickly confirm Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett, led to the decision.