Federal Tax Levy

The IRS has multiple methods for collecting on unpaid tax debts. A wage levy, bank levy, or wage garnishment, are just a few. Usually, these come at the worst time possible. Imagine having a car problem, going to a shop to have it fixed, then attempting to pay the bill with a debit card, only to find out you have no funds available, because the IRS put a hold on your bank funds. Fees for bounced checks, relationship stress and arguments, is there a better way? Absolutely.

Dealing with the IRS can be complex or much easier, depending upon whether you know the complexities, and intricacies of the Internal Revenue Code. Do you really want to spend countless hours trying to solve a problem that can have a major impact on your financial future, and guess that you did the right thing?  Would you feel right that you put your family’s financial situation in the hands of an amateur, you, or would your family mean too much to you to do that?

When a Bank Levies your funds, they hold it for a 21 day period of time. Getting that money back is usually quite difficult, but under certain circumstances, it can be done. A Federal Tax Levy is another tool in the IRS arsenal. The IRS issues nearly four million levy notices yearly. They are telling you that you have a problem, and they want your attention, to get it fixed.

At Federal Tax Resolution LLC, even in cases where no current IRS Collection Action is underway, we file the IRS 2848 Power of Attorney right away, to ensure that if Collection Action does start, we are notified, and can intervene on a tax payer’s behalf. We cannot provide insulation from the IRS. We can work with the Collection Division; get enough breathing room through various methods, so we can put into place a plan to resolve a tax payer’s debt.

Federal Tax Resolution LLC, when needed can aggressively work to stop IRS Collection Actions. This can only be done in certain situations, through a CDP or CAP Appeal. This method will stop a Federal Tax Levy, giving us time to formulate a game plan for our client. This can be done for both individual and business clients.

If you try to stop the IRS on your own, and don’t know what the IRS can and cannot do, it’s like fighting an 800 pound gorilla. They will throw their weight around, and sooner or later, you will get tired of getting pushed around. Even the odds with a seasoned Tax Professional. Federal Tax Resolution has Tax Professional’s who know IRS Precedent, and can use it to your advantage!

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