Tax Relief


Taxpayers who want meaningful and permanent tax relief should understand that the Internal Revenue Code is an ever changing document, and that keeping up with the changes and knowing the current tax code is critical to staying on top of tax filing, and dealing with back tax issues. For example, the IRS just came out with a Revenue Procedure, which gives guidance on a pilot program the IRS had been using in select cities.

The program specifically addressed aspects of the Offer in Compromise program, and issues regarding Trust Fund Penalties for Business owners. The success in the pilot program made the IRS realize that using it nationally made sense. This means that additional Tax Relief is now available for those two issues, in certain situations, not just in the test cities, but nationally.

These are the types of changes that happen in the Internal Revenue Code quite often, that we use to our advantage in providing the best alternatives to our clients for their individual tax problem. We should be thought of as tailor’s, designing a tax relief program to the specific needs of our clients, because that is what we do!


Multiple types of services exist for dealing with back tax debts. The key is determining the best option. The only way that can be done is by a though analysis of a taxpayer’s financials. Anyone who tries to do it over the phone is taking a shortcut, trying to make a sale.

If you are dealing with a Wage or Bank Levy, IRS or State Wage Garnishment, and need help dealing with the garnishment or levy, then want to determine your options for dealing with your tax debt, we can help. Many cases that we work on take eight to 12 months to complete, as tax returns need to be filed, and some of the options for obtaining a reduction in tax debt, for those who qualify, can take 5-8 months alone. We can guide you through the entire process, making your life less stressful. We know the Internal Revenue Code, IRS Precedent, and will use it to obtain the best results for our clients. We have 29 years of success at our back, let us put that to work for you.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you.