Other Companies BBB Complaints



We have been around to see many Bogus Tax Relief Services Companies come and go, some forced out by Litigation and State Attorney’s General’s Lawsuits. Don’t be fooled. Watch the videos so you can become an INFORMED tax resolution consumer, instead of a victim of Tax Resolution Company Scams. Check out the Better Business Bureau Record for two things. How Long have they been in Business (look for 15 years minimum and ask us why this amount of experience is a minimum to look for in a Tax Resolution Company) and then ask for the number of complaints they have.

For your convenience we have listed below some companies you may come across in your search for representation which shows their number of BBB complaints.

Don’t get fooled by Website’s that pretend to be “independent” reviewers” of Tax Resolution Firms. Read the fine print and then you will understand the REALITY of these companies. First of all, they receive a commission for every click they receive on the website. Secondly, and most important, the so called experts who are telling you which companies are good for you, are NOT TAX PROFESSIONALS. Look for their credentials in the Tax Industry and you will see the Truth, they have NONE. BUYER BEWARE OF SALESPEOPLE DRESSED AS TAX PROFESSIONALS !!!!!

How to spot a fake review Website here