IRS Notices


CP 10 Change to Tax Return, reduced amount applied to estimated tax

CP 11 Change to Tax Return, Balance Due

CP 12 Change to Tax Return, overpayment

CP 13 Change to Tax Return, No refund and no balance due

CP 14 Balance due

CP 16 Change to Tax Return, Overpayment applied to other balance owed

CP 22E Examination Adjustment

CP 45 Lower amount applied to Estimated Tax

CP 57 Insufficient funds notice

CP 79 Earned Income Credit eligibility requirement

CP 90 Final Notice Of Intent to Levy, Right to a hearing

CP 501 Balance Due

CP 503 Second Balance due notice

CP 504 Final Notice, balance due

CP 521 Installment Agreement Notice

CP 523 Installment Agreement Default, Intent to Levy Notice

CP 2000 Proposed changes to tax return

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