1099 Self Employed Tax Problems


Whether you are self employed or have 941 payroll tax issues, we have helped thousands of Construction Companies,  Trucking Companies, Companies in all sorts of Trades,  Big and small, get back on their feet, solve past tax debt issues so they can move forward into the future.

The first step is a detailed analysis of your current tax problem, both IRS, and if applicable, state tax issues also. We then need to determine your business prospects going forward into the short term future and long term future, as that will impact our analysis of how to deal with your tax debt options.

Once we have gone thru your Financial Statement to get a snapshot of your current Financial situation, we will then contact the IRS to order up applicable Tax Transcripts, and determine anything in your tax past that would prevent Tax Resolution and Relief work from moving forward. Once we are thru that phase, then we can move onto the Tax Resolution phase of the case.

The resolution phase of a case can take up to a year, if you qualify for a large reduction in what you owe a tax authority. During that time, we can deal with the Collection Division and keep them at bay, so long as we pursue the appropriate tax relief option for your situation.

The end result is a game plan that you can live with, that allows your business to grow and thrive, and that gives you the knowledge so you don’t repeat the errors that had you fall behind on your taxes to begin with, costing you thousands in unnecessary IRS penalties. Then when you look in your rear view mirror, your IRS problem will be behind you, and your new future will be in front of you.

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Construction Companies Tax Problems

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