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Tax professionals who offer irs tax help for audits

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may be increasing in the future. The IRS may be auditing fewer tax returns these days, but that doesn’t mean you’re home free. The low audit rate is likely to reverse, now that the currently low audit rates have the Treasury Department’s attention. Generally, the IRS has three years to audit tax returns. If it finds a significant understatement of income, it could look back at more years returns, but not more than the past six. Returns filed in the past two to three years get the most attention. If you do get audited you may want to find a tax professional who can provide you with irs tax help.

What should you do if the IRS contacts you for an audit ? It’s natural to feel panic, but don’t. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you respond to the IRS. The first thing you should know is if your return is selected for an audit, the IRS will notify you by mail on official letterhead. You may want to seek irs tax help. The Agency will never call you to initiate an audit or to make a demand to collect taxes. Indeed, it continues to warn the  public that calls, texts, or emails from individuals claiming to work for the IRS demanding money for unpaid taxes are scams. You should simply hand up the phone and ignore such requests.

The IRS letter will tell you which returns it intends to audit and whether it will d so by mail or through an in person interview. An interview may be considered at an IRS office or at a field audit, in which the IRS meets you at your home, place  of business or your tax preparer’s office. The IRS letter will request information it wants to examine, such as bank deposits or proof of expenses and deductions. It will also provide instructions on how to contact the agency and a date by which your reply is required. You can proceed with an audit in three ways; attend it personally and speak to the IRS yourself, get irs tax help , have the tax pro go in your place.

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