Trump paid $750 in income taxes. The New York Times blockbuster report of Trump’s tax returns over nearly two decades shows just why the President has fought so hard to hide them. They show that his image has been phony since day one: a self styled billionaire whose companies have been bleeding millions of dollars for decades. Or, as the times puts is” They deomonstarte that he was far more successful playing a business mogul than being one in real life.” But this came at a real cost to U.S. taxpayers. Because Trump’s own tax returns show that he paid no federal income taxes in 10 of 15 years. And get this: In 2016 and 2017–during his campaign and the first year of his presidency–Trump paid only $750 each year to the U.S. Treasury.that’s not a typo. But is evidence of a broken sytem. Trump paid $750 in income taxes.

Because it menas that Trummp–who has primarily lived in a twoer on 5th Avenue and at anestate in Palm Beach–paid less in taxes than the average American family, which makes just shy of $69,000 a year. Actually, it’s even worse than that, according to NYU tax professor Lily Batchhelder: Trump paid less, on average, than every income group making more money than $20,000. That means Trump paid less in federal income taxes than the average single grade school teacher, nurse, cop, farmer, firefighter, miner and truck driver. There are janitors and fast food workers who pay more in federal income taxes thant he populist billionaire president. And that’s not all: Trump’s $750 in federal income taxes is about half the monthly average rent families pay in most U.S. states. Tax Resolution.

This is real “man of the people” stuff here. And jsut to makis is more relatable, Trump claimed more than $70,000 for getting his hair styled, according to the New York times report. Again, that’s more money than the average American family makes every year–for his hair. He enjoyed tax benefits for a lavish estate in Westchester COunty, New York, and paid more taxes in Panama ($15,598), India ($145,000) and the Phillipines ($156,824) than to the U.S., the report found.