What Makes Us Different


Being the third Tax Resolution Company on the internet, Federal Tax Resolution has always helped lead the way. Being one of the first companies to accept a small retainer fee, instead of the old business model of charging the entire fee upfront, allowed Federal Tax Resolution to include thousands who needed IRS help, but could not afford an entire fee upfront, to get IRS help. This was done, because we changed the old philosophy and old business model in the tax resolution industry.

For years, “Pennies on the Dollar” salespeople littered the tax resolution industry. They did a disservice to the hardworking companies, who honestly tried to help those in need of good Old Fashioned Professional Tax help. This could only be done by charging upfront fees, for promises, lies, that were never meant to be lived up to, and never were. Many of these companies have been put out of business.

The only way, the way Federal Tax Resolution has told its clients from day one, that a Tax Professional can determine your options for dealing with your tax debt, is to have all of your financial information, then work on your behalf to make a determination for you to lay out every option in the Internal Revenue Code for dealing with your tax debt. Anything else is a sales pitch.
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If you decide that you need Professional Tax help, whether it be an IRS Wage or Bank Levy, IRS Garnishment, Offer in Compromise help, Penalty Abatement help, Freedom of Information Act help, Innocent Spouse help, livable Payment Plan help, special help for business owners with Payroll Tax or Withholding tax issues, need to file unfiled tax returns without alerting the Collection Division of the IRS, we can and will help you. If your problem is a State Tax Problem, we can help with that also. Rest assured, we know IRS and State tax precedent and will use it to your advantage. Call for a Free Consultation today.

Federal Tax Resolution can make the entire process less stressful, shorter, and you can rest assured that the correct option for handling your tax debt will be determined, so you may make the right choice, which often saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars. Unless the correct choice is made, you may end up paying thousands more than you have to. Don’t let that happen to you. Get a Seasoned Tax Professional to even the odds with the IRS, and then give you the upper hand, by making the whole process less stressful. Call us today.